Our supermarket is full of articles in the way you can find them in The Netherlands.


Articles for on bread like Hagelslag, Vlokken, Gestampte Muisjes, Peanut butter, appelstroop, Sandwich Spread, Pate, etc.
For a nice breakfast we have Brinta, multiple cakes, Crackers, Beschuit and more.
Coffee from Douwe Egberts and Senseo in different flavours and obviously many types of Pickwick tea.
Biscuits to join the coffee or tea like: Lotus caramelized biscuits, Stroopwafels, Café Noir, Bastogne, speculaas and others.
Liquorice of different brands en various flavours. Sweet, salted, with menthol sweets, peppermint en Stophoest.

We have a very big assortment of Indian and Asian products from Conimex, Flower Brand, Inproba and Koningsvogel.
Kroepoek, Wijko Satay sauces, Sambal, Wok oil, Spices, sweet or salty Soy sauce.
Calvé Mayonaise, Hela Curry ketchup, Mustard, Zaanse Mayonaise, Remia garlic sauce, Frites Saus, and many more.
Prepared mixes, sauces, gravy, and bouillon from Knorr, Honig and Maggi.
Potted vegetables from Hak and canned soup or in bags from Unox and Honig.
Smoked Sausages, sour cole, boerenkool, ragout, pickles, salmon, etc. are available too.

We have various bake-off products from Koopmans, like Apple pie, Butterbiscuit, Thick Cake, Poffertjes or mix for Pancakes.
With the mix for Pancakes we can offer you sugar powder and maple syrup.
Crisps, Wokkels, Peanuts, Borrelnootjes, sausagebread, meatballs in different sauces, Duyvis dip-sauces, and lots more for a quick bite.

We also have a nice variety of deepfrozen snacks: Frikandel, Vleeskroket, Pikantos, Bitterballen, multiple products from Mora, Dutch chips etc.
We also kept the little ones in mind, therefore we work with Zwitsal products: Hair and body lotion, Shampoo, wiping towels, even Sudocreme
Baking butter from Croma, Becel and Blue Band, Frying grease from Diamant, and sodas like Hero Cassis, Rivella, Wicky, Fristi, Fernandes, Roosvice, Karvan Cevitam Chocomel and many sorts of beers such as Rosé Beer, Duvel, Leffe, Jupiler and of course our Spirits: Jonge and Old Jenever, Coebergh Classic Bessen, Advocaat, Sonnema Berenburg, Apfelkorn, etc.

We just mentioned a small part of our assortment that is continuously refilled with new articles from Holland.

Would you like to know if we have a speficic article or somtehing in stock?

Please contact us or ask for the order list by email.